The Sourdough Baker’s Companion


An ebook packed with my best sourdough recipes, tips, beginner’s guides, and a schedule for complicated recipes.

Curious about baking sourdough bread but it all seems very confusing?
Don’t worry, it’s actually very simple!
You’ll impress your friends with gorgeous handcrafted loaves, save money by baking your own muffins and quick breads, and even use your sourdough starter to make delicious cakes (They’re aren’t sour!  No one will guess your secret! 😊)

This collection of cheatsheets, schedules, and recipes will get you up and running on your sourdough journey, with no confusing terms, no weird science formulas, and no frustration.
More than a cookbook!  This includes all my best tips and secrets to MASTER sourdough. 
(This is a digital download you can print over and over again.  No physical product will be mailed.)

What you’ll get in this 22 page printable download
a glossary of sourdough terms to know, broken down in plain english!
a schedule that tell you exactly what to and when to create your own starter from scratch using just flour and water
a cheatsheet of the most essential tools for your journey: both what you absolutely will want to have, and a list of “nice to haves” for later
an explanation of the three main ways to deal with sourdough discard and how to determine which one is best for you
schedules for 2 of the more complicated artisan-style breads so you are never left wondering what to do now
and finally, a collection of tried and true sourdough recipes arranged from beginner to advanced: work your way through them at your own pace, building your skills at each step of the way
Print this out and keep it in your kitchen to refer to whenever you are working with your starter or wondering what to bake.
No more guesswork, no more fumbling with your phone reading a recipe in your kitchen.